A dynamic and sassy brother and sister, soon to be known as Prozac “Zac” (on the left) and Zoloft “Zoey” (the fuzzy one), rescued their human in 2003, bringing her such comfort and smiles that only an animal can do. They loved her unconditionally and provided solace in her darkest moments. They were abandoned as babies and like us, only wanted to be loved. Their human knew a little something about abandonment, saw them and instantly knew a family had formed. 

Zoey was a bit shy, yet she was a lover and seemed to know when you needed comfort. She had a true warrior spirit and fought renal failure for a handful of years. The last couple of her years she endured multiple weekly IV treatments by her human, took too many pills to count yet still found time to roll around and be adorable! At 15 years old Zoey took her last breath and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 06.27.18 while being lovingly cradled by her human momma in the familiar surroundings of her home; candles burning, angel music playing and immersed in love. 

Zac was the family protector yet loved to harass his sister. He loved it. He was very friendly and made others his personal lounge chair, whether they liked it or not!  He started exhibiting signs of renal failure about 7 months after his sister transitioned and on 02.26.19, almost 8 months to the day that Zoey left; he met her on the Rainbow Bridge. Zac, too, took his last breath while being lovingly cradled by his human momma in the familiar surroundings of his home; candles burning, angel music playing and immersed in love. 

They are terribly missed, yet here their legacy can live on as we bring together abandoned animals with people who, themselves, feel abandoned. Animals are amazing sentient beings, capable of such love and compassion…we could learn a thing to two from them.

Please help us create loving human and fur baby families by rescuing and/or adopting.