Spirituality looks different for each person and it is important for us to discover our own individual path without judgment or shame. Following a certain religion works for some. For others their spirituality reads like a highlight reel from a variety of beliefs. There are folks who would define theirs as the 18 inches between head and heart being connected. A number of people express their spirituality by bonding with the earth and cosmos. The names vary: Love, Grace, Peace, God, Buddah, Universe, Spirit, Existence, Pachamama, Divinity, Allah; the list is quite long. The belief that a power greater than ourselves is guiding us has been around since ancient times. No matter what we call our belief, it is important to remember that we each have the right to our own spiritual path and it is more about being than doing. We can wear all the right clothes, pray or chant multiple times a day, eat clean and still act like a jerk. What matters is how loving you are; how unconditionally accepting you are of yourself and others. It is a process—a living practice.