Getting Sober at 79

“DEAD…..Is where you will be if you do not stop drinking,” my doctor said.

Wow,  well maybe then I should stop. That did not last long as I went home and had my usual 10+drinks.

Next came the tying of the veins in my neck so I would not hemorrhage.

Still kept drinking with no regard for the messes I would leave my daughter to clean up.

One day I fell in my living room and could not get up and after laying there for several days, I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I laid in such darkness, sadness and hopelessness. That is when I said, “God help me.” A police car took me to the hospital and after further help I was able to say that on 7/25/2012 at the age of 79 I had my last drink.

So PLEASE when you are in the depths of darkness and sadness, REACH out.

WE are here waiting to take your hand, give you comfort and a listening ear.

 ~ Carol

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