Addiction is a trickster; it lies to you in your own voice until you end up filling that hole in your soul with something unhealthy and destructive. Addiction just doesn’t apply to alcohol, narcotics, cigarettes and caffeine anymore. Oh no it sure does not. Now gambling, love, sex, sugar, prescription meds, people, food, video games, cell phones and social media fall under the addiction umbrella. Treatment centers, rehabs, detox facilities and sober living establishments are everywhere. If you want help, there is a meeting, group or center you can go to for support, which is fantastic news! You can rise from your ashes, clear away the wreckage from your past and find freedom. You are worth the effort.

OMRR Blog entries - Addiction

My Heroin Addict Sister

Dear Reader and Fellow Human Being, I’m choosing to write about this today, instead of drinking wine, as good friend advised. Today is my sister’s

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Getting Sober at 79

“DEAD…..Is where you will be if you do not stop drinking,” my doctor said. Wow,  well maybe then I should stop. That did not last

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